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Our machining capabilities are up to 24" diameter X 8' turning and up to 30" X 50" X 24" CNC milling.

We have a full fabrication abilities with welding, plasma cutting, shearing, pressing, and press breaking capabilities.

Our CNC milling department has a vast array of machinery including a high speed drilling/tapping/machining center and several conversational machines.

Our CNC turning department has turning capabilities of up to 18" diameter X 36" long, a bar-fed HAAS lathe set up for production bar work, and a small gang type CNC lathe.

Our grinding department consists of a precision surface grinder with automatic cross feed, a manual production surface grinder, and an OD grinder with capabilities of 6" diameter X 16" long.

We have a fair selection of manual machines throughout the shop to better equip material prep and secondary operations in order to help reduce the run time of parts and keep turnaround to a minimum.

We have full engineering capabilities that can handle jobs from prototyping, to troubleshooting, to full machine design.  We also have a climate controlled assembly room for any necessary builds. 


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